Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spring Blossoms: a Challenge

My Blogging Business Artisans team on etsy hosts a monthly Challenge.  You don't even have to be a team member to participate!  The idea is to be inspired to create!

This month, Sharla of Beaded Tail gave us the following Challenge:
Your challenge is to incorporate your favorite inspiration into a project of your choice.  Are you inspired by nature?  Create something to show how nature makes you feel!  Do your kids motivate you?  Have them join you in a crafty project!  
Do your pets "help" you with your craft?  Let's see their pawsome contributions!  Have fun just letting your inspiration lead you to do something crafty!
Glacier National Park
I am so inspired by the beauty of nature.  Imagine a deep blue pristine lake surrounded by snow peaked forested mountains with meadows of flowers at your feet.  Huge vistas inspire awe.  But so do the tiny intricate details of a painted flower.

For this challenge, I decided to paint a silk scarf with flowers.  I didn't have a plan in mind except that the flowers would be pink.  That's the starting point.  I let inspiration lead me from there...
I've used several techniques and processes in creating this scarf.

Wash scarf.
Soak in solution and let dry.
I began by painting the petals and their outlines.  I  added a little salt for some texture.  
Let cure.
Wash scarf.
Soak in solution and let dry.
Paint petal details and center of flowers.
Add a little salt.
Paint green stems/vines.
Add dots of pink and green.
Add 4 flowers of a different shape in 2 shades of pink and add green stems.
Let cure.

Air dry.


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The completed scarf--hand painted on China silk--light and breezy and perfect for Summer.  You can find this in my etsy shop HERE.

Intrigued by our team challenge?  Come on over to our BBA BLOG and see what others have made!  Create something yourself that fits the theme and link up!   

QUESTION:  What inspires you to create?     

photos by me © 2011 and 2012  all rights reserved  


  1. Wow, it is gorgeous! And it has my two favourite colours in it too :)
    You truly captured nature's beauty in your scarf!

  2. Awesome job with this challenge! I loved learning more about what inspires you as well as how you make your painted scarves. The pink/green combination is great.

  3. As always Margaret, I love your photos! I've been longing to visit Glacier again; haven't been there since I was young. I also, love seeing how you progress in your projects. This one turned out really cute!

  4. Beautiful photography and what a fun scarf! I'd say you met the challenge well.

  5. Your scarf is beautiful! I loved reading how you were inspired and the process of making it! Thanks for participating in the challenge!

  6. What a lovely scarf! I've just started crocheting a pair of wool socks...inspired by all the hiking I have done in the past. Every time I pick them up I see the trails in Olympic Nationial Park in my mind. And oh yes, Alice "helps" me crochet by laying on my lap, and getting tangled in the yarn!

  7. Thank you for visiting us today! Mom and I like meeting new friends!
    Mom and Dad absolutely love Ashevile. They try to go st least once a year; however, they have had to cancel their Octobetr 2011 two times. They are hoping to go this month! They would LOVE to move to the mountains.
    Madi and mom

  8. Wow..what a beautiful photo and an amazing place! Who wouldn't find themselves inspired? Gorgeous piece too!

  9. I love it...especially the color :)

  10. Love how you were inspired & made the scarf!
    I can't say what exactly inspires me to create - it's just something constant in my life - needing to create. If I'm not crafting, or cooking, I'm thinking of what to create next!

  11. Hello.
    WoW! The scarf is beautiful...I have a penchant for the colors pink and purple.
    You are very creative...I admire that. Thanks for sharing.

    Please come to my blog...I have a special gift for you. Click here... for more.

  12. I was so taken by the first photograph that I thought your challenge was the...photograph!

    I like your scarves--so pretty.


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