Thursday, May 24, 2012

The End: Alphabet Soup

The end of yet another odyssey with Alphabe-Thursday has been reached!  What a challenge it had been at times to come up with a creative post for the current letter of the alphabet!    I've enjoyed this journey with you, my readers and fellow Alphabe-Thursdayers, sharing our posts and lives.   Thanks, Jenny! 
(You can click on any of the following links to go to that post.)

A  Angels Landing an incredible hike in Zion National Park

D Desert Scenes: Fish Creek Canyon a road trip near Phoenix, Arizona, USA

E Eager Earnest in which Earnest Elucidates some of his favorite Es

F fog in the mountains of Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

G Greens scenes from Utah and Arizona, USA

H memories of an Hawaiian vacation random photos and an additional POST on how to pronounce humuhumunukunukuapuaha

I Idaho scenes random photos from a trip to Northern Idaho in 2008.

J  jagged photos of Glacier National Park, Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, and a "drive by shooting"

K  the heart of Knoxville photos and commentary about Krutch Park and Market Square

L  LOVE: a Challenge!  love themed items I created for my team Business Blogging Artisans February Creative Challenge

M   Randomly Favorite Ms 5 photos of things that start with M 

N  napping Tigra, Oliver, and Earnest

O  Oregon coast   a few photos from a 2006 trip

P  Pond a few photos from Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington, DC

Q  Quiet  3 photos + 3 haikus

R  Random Reds  photos

S  Saba   a wonderful, charming, beautiful island in the Caribbean

T  Ten Ts photos of tulips, tie dye, travel (Kauai), tree, treat (sunset), turquoise (bicycle), turtle, Lake Tahoe, taste, kitties (two)

U  U  photos of umbrella, under (palm tree), unequaled cuteness (Oliver), unripe, undertow, Utah, uprooted

V  Violets photos of 4 items that have violet color

W  wine  photos of a Winter Wine Weekend of wine tasting fun and antics as well as this corkboard made by my daughter and her boyfriend.

X  xerophytic in xeric  click on the link to find out what that means!

Y  Do You Like My Hat? adventures in yarn  Laurie Fortier and her luscious yarn; how I won a beautiful scarf; the Knit-a-Squillion project accepting donations of knitted or crocheted or felted (recycled sweaters) squares to make blankets for poor children in Africa

Z  ZOOM!  a Carolina wrens' nest found in a pot of parsley on my deck


Well, not quite.  There was Fall Break.

simple autumn beauty  theme was Autumn Colors


delicious Autumn theme was Anything Autumn

POST  last Alphabet Soup 

Dear Ms.Jenny, I LOVE Alphabe-Thursday!  Thank you so much for hostessing this awesome meme AND visiting EVERY single post! 
So begins Round 5 in which we start with the Letter "A."  This is my offering, "Alphabet Soup."  Come visit others' submissions HERE and join in the fun!

photos by me © 2006-2012   one photo by Laurie Fortier © 2011   all rights reserved


  1. That's a very good idea with the review!

  2. Margaret, this was an absolutely splendid post. Certainly clever and creative!!

  3. Great review, Margaret! I'm not ready to take on this challenge yet myself, but I really enjoy reading the posts for it. Your photos and themes are always inspiring.

  4. Splendid synopsis. What a great way to start another round♫♪

  5. I was glad to see your note at the end cuz I thought maybe you were ditching class! Great idea to do a summary like that! And looking forward to what you have for this round!

  6. What a cute round up! I remember most if those! {:-D

  7. How fun! I remembered almost all of these! And I love your idea of Alphabet Soup!

    Clever, clever girl!

    It'll be fun to see what other kind of soups you come up with for this round!

    B is for Broccoli Cheese perhaps?


    (yes, that was an evil laugh!)

    Smiles and A+

  8. I loved it all - from A to Z! And everything in-between!
    xo Catherine


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