Monday, April 6, 2009

look what I won!

for agreeing to pay it forward!

Candice of Sweet Romance sent me this sweet little gift package! It arrived today and I just cannot wait to share it! So come and open the package with me...

I open up the padded envelope and discover this cute little box inside. Candice's card is attached on the bottom.

Now look at how lovely this box is! A nest of eggs is stamped on the top and the box is tied with fushia organdy ribbon. I can't wait to see the surprise inside!

And when I open the box I discover a pair of beautiful silver earrings! (In the above photograph you will also see a couple lovely hand~made clasps which I ordered and that Candice included. I can't wait to use these.)

So now you are wondering how I was so lucky to receive such a lovely gift. It was all because I agreed to "pay it forward." Check out Candice's post for details. I will be posting my own PAY IT FORWARD on April 20.

Candice makes the most gorgeous jewelry. Please check out her shops: etsy lollishops

photos by me ©2009


  1. Oh my goodness..that is so beautiful!

  2. What a sweetheart you are! What an awesome blog, thank you soooo
    much. What a clever way you presented this. So excited to have met another fantastic Etsian ;)

  3. So precious, what a sweet sweet package.

  4. what a lovely package to get in the mail!

  5. Those earrings are great...can't wait to see your pay it forward :)

  6. What a lovely package and even lovlier inside! Great idea. Can't wait to see your "pay it forward".


  7. Very nice gift! Congrats on your win!

  8. Wow what a beautiful surprise, and the packaging....I need a nest stamp, how cute!
    Isn't snail mail wonderful sometimes after all! :D

  9. How adorable and sweet of you to share...It does pay do good;-)

  10. Those are lovely earrings! What a wonderful PIF!

  11. I love those earrings! Of course I love just about anything with swirls on it!



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