Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two Zany Zebras

What could be cuter.... than little monsters from Two Zany Zebras!

Meet Dewey (left) and Godfrey (right), two of the zaniest monsters that live in Zany Mama's esty shop.

Seriously cute monters, some of whom belong to the Zarkle family live in the shop with them. But they would love to live at your house!

Check out all the wonderful products in this shop--T shirts, blankies, toys, and more. And then go read her illuminating blog where she tells of all sorts of creative endeavors and the joy of having fun with her family. What sorts of fun you wonder. I'll not tell. You'll have to read her blog!
TwoZanyZebras is the etsy blogger of the month!
Read about the esty bloggers' street team here.
photos by TwoZanyZebras ©2009


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