Thursday, October 1, 2009

along the Hidden Lake Trail

Glacier National Park near Logan Pass--September 2008

See yesterday's post for a view of the lake and some links.

Some of the Parks' Rangers favorite questions (taken from Ken Burns' documentary):
What time do the moose come out for photographs?
How much does this cave weigh?
How much of this cave is underground?
How many miles of this cave are undiscovered?
Why did the Indians build their homes so close to the road?

Read the comments below for more fun!!!

photo by me © 2008


  1. Those questions cracked me up! Beautiful shot :)

  2. Gorgeous photo! Looks like you weren't there during the time the moose come out for photos! :D

  3. BeadedTail--LOL!
    Sometimes, I have wondered when seeing say one animal by itself, if the animals were not taking turns posing for the tourists.
    Once, I was in Yellowstone Park and there was a deer, looking for a handout, I suppose. Only problem was, she was standing next to a sign that said "Do not feed the deer."

  4. This is one of the reasons that makes Montana my favorite state. Stunning!
    Sunny :)

  5. The deer must not have read the sign! You're probably right though that the animals do take shifts when dealing with tourists!

  6. Hi there, Thanks for visiting my blog. I am enjoying yours. I hope and pray that one day I will get to Glacier. It's so gorgeous!!!!

    Yes, I celebrate my mother and father's lives. I was born when Mom was 42 and Dad was 53. Daddy died in 1969 and Mom lived til 1991. I have one brother still alive, but he is not well. He's 20 yrs. older than me --and is 86 now. Life is full of sad and happy times. I try to live joyfully most of the time.


  7. ROFLOL - I love the questions! hysterical =p

  8. Gorgeous photo! And those questions are great - but sadly, we have heard similar questions on park tours (I think it must take a lot of patience to be a park ranger!)

  9. Great photo, I love the cliffs against the blue sky.

    I used to have a list of questions Alaska visitors asked either before coming or while visiting.
    What kind of currency do you use?
    Do I need a passport?
    How many igloos are in Anchorage?
    When do you turn on the Northern Lights?

  10. Stunning! Now those questions cracked me up! Teehee

  11. Beautiful scene. Great capture.

  12. I'll just enjoy the view and leave those questions unanswered...ha!ha1ha1

  13. Another lovely photograph :)
    I can't wait to see what time the moose did come out for photos...did you get some?

  14. Hello Margaret

    It must have been stunning to be up close to these mountains and that calm and peaceful lake...

    Happy days

  15. Great photos.
    Thanks for visiting mine.
    Your cats are cute (I also have one who LOVES rubber bands).

  16. Also a wonderful photo! What an exciting place! The moose I have my fully respect for....! And I forgot to say.. you have some beautiful cats (the last post of yours) :)


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