Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fish Creek Canyon, Arizona

Saguaro cacti:
may grow as tallas 45 feet (13.8m)
may live for more than 150 years
may have a girth of 10 feet (3.1m)
takes 75 years before they grow a side arm


photo by me © 2009


  1. What a great photo. It looks so nice and warm.

  2. i wish to see those cactus in person one day!they do look taller than me...a picture of great outdoors!

  3. This is so beautiful! I envy you being in Arizona - I love the west. Hope you are having a great trip.

    P.S. I COMPLETELY missed that you gave us an award below (I have been such a dizz lately!) We have already done that one, but thank you so much for thinking of us.

  4. Lovely photo! I've always found cactus such an interesting plant.

  5. Ah, very nice photo! Looks a lot warmer and drier than it is here! lol

    Hope you are having a great evening!


  6. Gorgeous photo! I love the blue blue sky =) Almost like you could swim in it!

  7. Whenever I see cactus like that I think of how hot it gets there, hope that's not the case now.

  8. Beautiful cactus! Those really must be human size or larger right?

    Thanks for your kind comment on my Skywatch Friday Photo.

    - Pixellicious Photos

  9. So beautiful photo! I would love to visit a place like that!

  10. You've been tagged!

    (if you have time)


  11. I got to go on a 2 week business trip to Tuscon, AZ once several years ago. It was so very interesting to me.

    Doesn't look like you'll catch much fish there though! LOL

  12. love your blog..and following it now!


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