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Through the wonderful world of blogland, I have "met"  people who are sharing their talents, love, and hope with others----  all through hand~made goodness!  Here are 4 of them:

Early on in my blogging life (late January this year), I met Sinclair through her blog Nature With Me, a wonderful blog about nature, homesteading, family life, crafts, and green living.  Now Sinclair has begun a new blog, Sharing Our Gifts:
"I am so excited to finally launch the real purpose of this blog... I want to help at least one charity in each of the 50 states. I want to offer quality handmade goods to people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to purchase or have handmade. I want to help charitable organizations and people at the same time."

Project #2 is about to begin!  Go to Sinclair's blog to find out more!

Project # 1 was hats and slippers for Veterans at the Southern Oregon White City Rehabilitation Center. 

(Sinclair's hat on left/hat made by my friend Virginia below.)


"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history." --Gandhi
So reads a quote on the next website:

Craft Hope is currently working on project #5 (deadline November 15)--quilts for homeless children.  HERE is the organization being benefited.   
"This project is easy.  We are calling this quilt pattern HOPE SQUARED.  Make a quilt out of squares.  Any size, any number, any color.  If you are new to quilting and don’t know how to finish and bind a quilt or if you have limited time, you can construct the top of the quilt (the squares) and send that to them and they will gladly finish the rest for you."   
more information and 2 quilt patterns are  provided on the website. 
Here are some photos from past projects:

 sock monkeys for Little Heroes Burn Camp

blankets, booties, and beanies for NEWBORNS in India

Oh, there is more!  To find out and see some wonderful photos, go to the website!

Scrap, Stamp, and Be Merry is "raising cards for my 13 year old neighbor who recently had her arm amputated after a boating accident."
♥ news article   
Here it says they've run out of room for flowers and stuffed animals, but cards are welcome.  Erin says, "Well my family and I really want to do  something and I thought amazing cards from all you wonderful ladies would be just what would cheer Paige up.  She is one of those girls who ALWAYS wears a smile." 

♥ read about the card drive HERE and HERE. 
♥ There is also a link to a digital stamp that was created by Denise just for Paige.  Proceeds  will go right to Paige's medical fund!!
♥ UPDATE from Paige's mom
♥ email Erin @ for the address to which to send the cards.

 Here is the card Erin made using Denise's stamp.

Stamp Something...for Jaimie is a new blog begun by Erin and Denise, dedicated to sending support to Jamie and her family.

"Four local teenagers armed with knives, broke into their  (Jaimie's) home and brutally murdered Kim Cates and seriously injured 11 year old Jaimie. They chose the home for no other reason than its location and for no other purpose than to bring harm to the occupants. It was a senseless, random crime that shook the small town and much of the state (of New Hampshire)."

"After receiving a grief filled email from my friend asking for help for the family, I knew I needed to help however I could. I asked my fellow stamper, New Hampshire gal, and long time friend Denise Lynn for ideas. Together, and with the artistic talents of Ann Vento, we came up with the idea of an international blog hop and this blog to raise awareness of the crime. We are hoping to shower Jaimie with wishes of love and hope from around the world to help her recover some of what was lost."

"The hop starts at 10am ET on Monday, November 2nd and will include over 60 talented stampers, donations from fabulous stamp companies and lots of love. We are asking everyone to make and send a card to Jaimie as quickly as possible. If you are unable to make a card or wish to do more, please visit our sidebar and click on the donations link." ~Erin

"There will be prizes but most of all...appreciation for anyone who can help to brighten a little girl's day...even for just a second :o)" ~Kim from Paper in the Works
"I hope the many, many cards she receives puts a smile back on her face, and that she can at least peek at the future ahead of her as she its going to take a long time to recover and will forever morn her Mum!" ~Kimmi from Poppy Petal designs
For more information, and an address to which to send the cards, go HERE.
Start the blog HOP HERE.
news article  
Denise helped organize the Spread the Love blog Hop along with Erin.  See her website Stamping With Denise  HERE.

photos © 2009 by the above entities  all rights reserved.


  1. These are all wonderful projects! Thank you so much for sharing our Spread the Love for Jaimie information! We appreciate everything you are doing to help! :)

  2. There are always so many needs in this world, aren't there???? You have brought forth some of them. Isn't blogging wonderful---how we can all help each other????

    Have a great day. Thanks for a wonderful post.

  3. Thank you for mentioning my project! I am almost finished with my quilt for the Craft Hope project as well, and I will be looking into the other two projects you mention here today. I love that no matter how many people are giving to others, there is still room for more giving.

  4. I swear, people can be so wonderful. Thanks for sharing these lovely projects and folks with us.

  5. Thank you for sharing all these lovely projects Margaret! I love seeing how the kindness of others can make such a difference in this world one person at a time!

  6. Craft Hope is a beautiful organization. What a fulfilling thing to do, and such a good cause!

  7. Thank you for sharing. So many in need, so many who can help, in so many different ways. It fills my heart...

  8. What wonderful projects and blogs to feature.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog over the weekend.

  9. Oh wow, such amazing acts of kindness here. Thank you for sharing them. I'm off to see some links and love.

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  11. Wow, how awesome is that?! I love posts like these!

  12. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by at Zamzam Garden. I truly appreciate your comments. have a wonderful week sweetheart.

  13. Thanks for joining us for 30 Days of Thanksgiving. I'll be back to check your blog!

  14. wonderful projects..Congrats and GOD BLESS U

  15. What wonderful projects you have shared. It is amazing how technology can help spread news of hope to others.

  16. What a fabulous post. Thank you so much for spreading the word about Jaimie and reminding people about Paige. HAve a wonderful week!

  17. Great post. Thanks for sharing what you have found. I'm really grateful of you spreading the word about Jaimie Cates too! I hope that all the cards she receives will help brighten her day! I also hope that Paige (who I also sent a card too) was a little happier the day she received all of her cards too!!

    Kimmi xx

  18. It seems like every time I go online lately, I find yet another benevolent website . . . today it's your "projects" blog.

    My friends and I are involved with making quilts for Craft Hope. Our deadline is November 15, but the founders of Margaret's Hope Chest, to whom we're donating the quilts, has an ongoing campaign. They look for people who might find comfort and hope from receiving a quilt. It sounds like Paige and Jamie might be appreciative recipients. Maybe you could contact these two wonderful women and tell them about the girls.


  19. What a great post!!! Loved it... :)

  20. WOW!! What a wonderful post! So inspirational, really makes a person think about what they could be doing to make someone's life better.
    Thanks so much.

  21. What wonderful people and such worthy causes...great blog!

  22. If I understand it right you make cards? I make neckless - if you feel like swapping it would be great fun.

    Have a look here if you want,

    /Maria Berg


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