Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oliver and Earnest (Cats on Tuesday)


"the cat who thinks he's a dog"

"the world's best cat-napper"

LINKS to Oliver and Earnest:
Cy, Asheville Kitty  not Oliver or Earnest, but my daughter's cat who disappeared over a month ago.  sad.

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Find a 5 question cat quiz HERE.

photos by me © 2008-2009


  1. They are both so cute - and I love Earnest's little "vampire teeth" in the photo!

    I'm very sorry to hear about Cy too.

  2. Aren't they cute!! I'm a sucker for black cats!

  3. I love you both and think you are very beautiful.


  4. Such cuties!
    And one blue eye...one green eye...how cool!!!

  5. Yes, I did note those vampire teeth, but really Earnest is a very sweet cat. He has one blue eye and one gold eye, and he is deaf.

  6. Very cute kitties!

    LOL - I used to have a car named Earnest...

  7. LOL! You made it! Oliver looks like Muning when he was young and he also thought he is a dog...he finishes my dog's dog food!

  8. Oliver's mini "Hitler" moustache and Earnest's vampire fangs are classic! Glad you like the quiz. We blog on Fridays and Tuesdays. You?

  9. Cute photos! Oliver's markings are just adorable and Ernest's eyes are stunning! Love his little fangs too!

  10. Earnest looks like Arthur except the eyes, they are both yellow and not yellow and blue. Only blue would meant that he is deaf, that's what we had with our first white cat and Oliver has such a sweet little face !! Love the spots under his nose and on the chin !

  11. I forgot ! welcome to the cats on tuesday ! I hope to see you each week.

  12. Remember, my cat was missing for over 35 days in the spring, and he did return. Maybe Cy will also.

  13. Hello and welcome to Cats on Tuesday.
    Oliver and Earnest looks both very handsome.Oliver has cute little spots on the nosie and the chin.
    It looks a little like they are awake by the flashy box.

  14. OMG! Your Oliver looks like my Titanic from years ago! He's an American Shorthair....ooohh, I missed him more now!

    Love your pics! :)

  15. Purrtiful!

    Oliver reminds me of my Pixie, and Earnest reminds me of my former love Fluke!

    I wuv furbabies... we have 7 rescues.

  16. What beautiful close ups! The two
    different colored eyes are really cool! I now following you! :)

  17. Those photos are soo cute!! I love Earnest's eyes! Wow!

    That quiz stumped me. I thought I knew a lot about cats! lol



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