Wednesday, October 7, 2009

lost in "crochet goodness"

This month's featured etsy blogger is Made By Melissa.

In perusing her shop, I got lost in so much "crochet goodness."   blankets, scarves, wash cloths, dish cloths, bowls, and the cutest little toys!

 Phoebe is a pretty little pink piggy who needs a home with lots of love.

 Gary the Green Garden Snake loves to play outside and hide in the green leaves.

Look at this cool light gray hand~crocheted bowl made from a T shirt.  It is an upcycled, repurposed item!


a beautiful scarf!


 and a baby blanket--choose your colors!

  Babette the Bunny and Little Blue Elephant (who is looking for a home filled with peanuts)

Made by Melissa has been an etsy blogger from the beginning in August 2007!  She is a big part of our team, supporting teammates and team events.
Check out her shop for it is more than crochet.  She offers jewelry and vintage items as well.

Melissa  wouldn't be an etsy blogger without a blog, would she?   If you want to see her face, HERE she is!

a little more about Melissa and her craft:
"I am a 28 year old engineer by day - I started crafting as a way to express my creativity. 

All of my items are one of a kind! Although things I make may look similar - no two items are identical. Therefore - you will become the proud owner of a 100% unique item!"


photos by Melissa © 2009


  1. What wonderful talent Melissa has! Thank you for sharing her goodies with us in blogland.

  2. I'm not quite sure how engineering and crocheting go together - but they seem to be doing just fine! You have no idea how much I love PIGS!!
    What a great shop - off to look some more.

  3. Oh - thanks for the comments on my blog, I'm giving ArtFire a try till January, if nothing sells, I'll leave, though nothing is selling on Etsy either.

  4. That "show your face" photo of Melissa is great! And her work is beautiful too.

  5. phoebe is a cutie, like to give it a squeeze...and so is bunny and the elephant. my daughter will love these!

    thanks! know i know where to go if i want something that i can proudly say 100% unique...

  6. Lovely feature post. She does such beautiful work, and is so original!

  7. Her animals are so cute! Wonderful feature!

  8. Awesome! Haven't gotten a chance to check out the featured blogger yet! Great feature!

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  9. Those are so cute! I like to crochet when I was younger, now my fingers are stiff when the weather changed..

  10. Thank you for the great feature and thank you to everyone for your kind comments!


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