Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The End: Alphabet Soup

The end of yet another odyssey with Alphabe-Thursday has been reached!  What a challenge it had been at times to come up with a creative post for the current letter of the alphabet!    I've enjoyed this journey with you, my readers and fellow Alphabe-Thursdayers, sharing our posts and lives.   Thanks, Jenny!
(You can click on any of the following links to go to that post.)

A  Albuquerque a few photos

B  Black Bean Salsa a recipe

C  cats are cute Oliver, Earnest, Huck, Bunkie, Tigra


D  derriere  

E  eat some of the edibles growing in my garden

F  Fireworks and Flags 
Independence Day--July 4th--is almost here!  Time to celebrate!

G  glorious blooms and bee guides

H  Meet Huck the farm cat

 searching for some inspiration

J  journeys Ophir Pass, Colorado; Logan Pass, Montana; St. Maartin, NA

K  The Difficult Art of Kitty Portraiture featuring Oliver and Earnest

L  Lakes Chilhuly glass; Mono Lake, California;  Lower Grinnell Lake, Montana

M  macro


O  Oliver

P  peaks (Banff National Park, Canada)

Q  quiet Mistaya Lake, Banff

R  Rivers (and rocks) scenes from Canadian National Parks

S  signs

Ten Ts

U  umbrage (unusual usage)

V  View my backyard

W  Water

X  xanthic

Y  young

Z  zoom

POST  another Alphabet Soup
POST   last Alphabet Soup

Dear Ms.Jenny, I LOVE Alphabe-Thursday!  Thank you so much for hostessing this awesome meme AND visiting EVERY single post!
So begins Round 6 in which we start with the Letter "A."  This is my offering, "Alphabet Soup."  Come visit others' submissions HERE and join in the fun!

photos by me © 2007-2012, mostly 2012 


  1. AWESOME A post for the newest round of Alphabe-Thursday!!!

  2. WOW that is something!! I joined late so do have such a list ... :-)

  3. Love, love, love this!!! But I must admit...Hunk the cat wins my heart!!
    Happy thanksgiving!!!

  4. What a great idea to end the alphabe-round, and begins a new one!

    Happy Thanksgiving..

  5. That's a very clever way to start off another round of Alphabe-Thursday! I'll have to go back and take a look at any I might have missed! Still like that Signs post and, of course, Oliver...

  6. Great recap of so many of your wonderful photos!

  7. Wow! Wonderful summation of Alphabe ~ great photos and ideas ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  8. What a fun way to recap the Alphabet series!
    I adore those kitty photos :)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  9. Fabulous way to recap and restart!

  10. I loved the way you summed it all up! Thanks for the idea!

  11. fun how you did this in all the cats!

  12. My goodness this was really awesome / love all the photos and what a way to end and begin again! : )

  13. Wow, what a feat to have been able to post something for every letter of the alphabet! I'm looking forward to what you come up with for this round.

  14. This was very clever! Thank you for sharing all your amazing letters here, Have a wonderful week!

  15. great recap -- love that you did this. I agree. Mrs. Jenny is a peach to host A-T.

  16. It made me smile to remember all these posts!

    What a clever girl you are to share your fun posts again!

    I look forward to this round of reading!

    A-T has a great way of cheering up non-cheery days for me!

    It is really a joy to have this little community of bloggers together!

    Hugs and A+


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